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What’s the difference between Professional whitening and drugstore Whitening?

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What’s the difference between Professional whitening and drugstore Whitening?


Are you worried about your teeth discolorations? You are not alone. A huge population of the world is affected by teeth discolorations of different degrees. Even people who do regular brushing, flossing and making visits to the dentist noticed that environmental factors, food, and aging can affect the natural radiance of your teeth. Nowadays we have accessibility to various teeth whitening options than we had before. There are innumerable over the counter products to choose from, but getting a professional whitening treatment is a much better option.

Difference between professional whitening and drugstore whitening

It’s very common for patients to query about the results at-home teeth whitening kits produce is similar to professional teeth whitening or not. It’s not uncommon that you want to save your bucks when teeth whitening is taken care of. There are certain drugstore kits that will whiten your teeth, but the effect won’t be as quick and comfortable as professional teeth whitening treatment produce. Along with this professional whitening produces long-lasting results. In the beginning, you will feel you are saving lots, but in the end you will spend lots in getting the same effect as professional whitening.

Over the counter products make use of Hydrogen peroxide as the main active agent in whitening. The same active ingredient is also used in professional whitening, but the concentration of the ingredients is higher than over the counter products. Apart from concentration, another difference between professional teeth whitening and drugstore whitening is the method by which chemically active gel is applied to your teeth.

If you require professional whitening, visit us at Paragon Dental and get reliable, brighter and long-lasting results that won’t be achieved at home.


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