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Teeth Whitening Modesto

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening: Pros and Cons

Has the colour of your smile fainted and you want your shiny white smile back? Then you must consider the option of teeth whitening. One of the most popular dental cosmetic procedure, it is done to enhance the smile of the patients. It is done under careful supervision. The process is almost painless and safe. In the professional teeth whitening procedure, the high concentration bleaching gel is used. The results are quick and effective. Let us look through the process, its advantages and disadvantages.

professional teeth whitening

What causes the discolouration?

Age – teeth can become yellow or dark with the growing age of the person. This can be due to the eating habits of the person.

Tobacco– Excessive use of tobacco causes the colour of the teeth to darken.

Trauma– Prolonged trauma can cause the darkening of the tooth.

Eating Habits– In case the person has an unhealthy diet and doesn’t maintain good oral hygiene, then their teeth are most likely to be discoloured.

Hereditary– It can also be due to hereditary reasons and be passed on in the family.

Fluoride– If the teeth are exposed to excess fluoride, then it might cause discolouration too.

What are the advantages?

There are several advantages of the teeth whitening procedures.

Smile enhancement– If you are the one shying away from smiling to your fullest because of your discoloured or yellow teeth, then teeth whitening procedure can help you gain the confidence back. Bright teeth will help you enhance your smile.

Fast results– The procedure usually uses a high concentration bleaching gel and thus, the results are observed almost immediately. You wouldn’t have to wait long for your teeth whitening results.

Effective and safe– It is one of the most reliable dental procedures with effective results. There have been effective procedures where the possible damage of the teeth is further minimalised.

What are the disadvantages?

Expensive– One of the most common disadvantages is the cost of the procedure. Apart from the procedure cost, you might also be needed to buy over-the-counter procedure equipment like bleaching strips or trays

Not a permanent solution– However, the procedure is very effective; it is not permanent. The teeth can again accumulate stains and they can get discoloured again if not taken care of properly. It is thus recommended to maintain the dental hygiene post the procedure.

Unpredictable results– The results in some cases can be very unpredictable depending on the age and other health factors of the patient. However, the results are not satisfactory only in rare cases.

Am I the right candidate?

However, this procedure is suitable for almost anyone looking for an enhanced smile; there are few exceptions. People with the following conditions must avoid getting the procedure done-

Hypersensitivity– If the person suffers from tooth or gum hypersensitivity, the dentist might not suggest you go through the process. In such cases, the severity of the matters are observed and then alternate solutions are provided.

Age– This is one of the most important factors to consider for the treatment. Aged people are usually not advised to take up the procedure as the teeth start to become thin.

Deep staining– If the dentist notices that the stain is deep and not easy to remove, then they might be given alternate solutions.

What should I expect before the procedure?

Your dentist might suggest some steps before taking over the procedure. These are-


Dental exam– Before the procedure, your dentist might run through an overall dental exam to look for potential problems and abnormalities in the form of tooth decay or cracks. In case any of these are present in the patient, then the dentist might delay the procedure as these may irritate the patients. The dentist might keep a record of it in the form of photos or test records.

Cleaning– Your teeth will be given a prophylactic cleaning. This is done to clear away the debris and plaque from between your teeth.

Your treatment procedure will then be decided based on these factors. However, it is essential to note that it is a safe procedure and has minimal to no risks. People can contact their dentists to set up an appointment date or get their queries solved.

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