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What to Do When You Need Emergency Dental Services

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What to Do When You Need Emergency Dental Services

Some of the dental emergencies that need to be treated immediately are toothaches, abscesses, broken or chipped teeth, losing a filling. Availing emergency dental services can be painful and frightening and, if left unchecked, bacteria in your mouth can be life-threatening. Delaying care will make the issue worse and/or cause irreparable harm to your teeth, regardless of what sort of dental emergency you have. Here is what you can do during a dental emergency to help you support your head and minimise pain.

Step 1: Call your dentist right away!

Make plans to visit the dentist or someone who treats dental emergency patients nearby. Before you are treated, the dentist will let you know what to do. Be sure to take notes, or have someone call you if you can’t chat. Find out as much details as you can to relay it to the medical provider whether it is about an infant or someone in your care. Use it if telemedicine is an option. Take pictures or Facetime to get as much detail across as you can.

Step 2: What is the type of the emergency you are in?

For any form of accident and dental emergency, there are protocols. Try to decide whether you or your loved one is suffering:

Throbbing pain and swelling, which may be an infection.

It needs urgent care for this type of emergency. Call your doctor or go to an urgent care clinic or ER if the dentist’s office is not available. Oral infections that are not treated expeditiously may have significant effects, such as tooth loss, sepsis, and septic shock.

A tooth-knocked-out.

Call your dentist for precise directions right away. Remember: if you can’t reach your dentist, stop rubbing the root of the tooth and place it back in the socket if you can-it can always be saved. Keep the tooth in your cheek before you get to the doctor, if that’s not possible. Holding it moist is the most significant issue. You can buy an American Dental Association-approved tooth preservation kit if you go to your nearest pharmacy. If you can’t, then, if those choices are not open, put your tooth in saline or milk. Prompt therapy may allow the root of the tooth to reconnect.

There could be something stuck in your gums: a sudden toothache or abscess. Flow the area gently and swing warm salt water in your mouth. Hopefully, it’s a kernel of popcorn that can be quickly extracted. If you do not have extreme tooth pain, it may mean an infection or advanced tooth decay. To save the tooth, you can need a root canal or an extraction to alleviate the pain.

Broken or chipped tooth

To make sure you don’t swallow a piece of tooth or cut the inside of your mouth, rinse the mouth out. On the freshly sharp points, gauze or a clean cloth will protect you from cutting your tongue. To protect the bits of the tooth to carry to the dentist, do your utmost.

Step 3: Follow up as soon as possible

Do not wait until the dental emergency, at the risk of losing the tooth or having a worse infection, gets better on its own. The experienced dentists at Paragon Dental see patients with dental emergencies in the Modesto region on the same day. If your teeth is chipped, fractured, or knocked out, our dentists will help save your teeth. When you have seen the quality of treatment we offer, many patients and their families lose their fear about coming for a cleaning and review every six months. Call (209) 548-0100 for an appointment and talk with one of our friendly office workers today!

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