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What do you need to know about Invisalign?

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What do you need to know about Invisalign?

Millions of people have used Invisalign for removing gaps, crowding, misalignment of their smile. Thankfully, due to the advancements in dental technology, these can even solve issues like malocclusions or uneven bites. Before recommending this treatment to anyone, the dentist looks into different factors. Here are some of the facts about Invisalign that you need to know before getting treatment.

Invisalign requires compliance

For Invisalign to show its effect, it needs to be worn for about 20 hours a day. Generally, dentists suggest them to wear these braces for 22 hours a day.

More audible than visible

Invisalign has the best feature being transparent and invisible to people, but they may still be at the notice of people when you speak. The good thing is, it goes with time as you wear them more.

Treatment might not be suitable for you

If you are experiencing severe misalignment of teeth or extensive uneven bite, then Invisalign braces may not be a suitable option for you. You can go for traditional braces.

No caffeine in the morning

If you have the habit of having coffee, it needs to be changed. The only drink that you can consume while the aligners are in your mouth is water. If you remove them and then take coffee or wine, make sure you brush your teeth before wearing the aligners again.

No discomfort treatment

The treatment causes very little or no discomfort, although you should avoid chewing very hard food in the initial days of use.

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