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What Are Bridges and Crowns?

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Dental Bridges & Crowns

What Are Bridges and Crowns?

Crowns and bridges represent two common dental implant options available in modern dentistry. These procedures are frequently employed to restore smiles, to assist you in obtaining the dental crowns or bridges necessary to regain confidence in your smile.

If permanent dental implants are not a feasible option—due to cost considerations, insurance coverage variability, or the absence of insurance—dental bridges provide a viable and more affordable alternative.

Dental bridges utilize healthy teeth as anchors for porcelain supports that sustain prosthetic teeth. By utilizing healthy teeth as anchors, this approach ensures the bridge’s longevity and, in some cases, allows for the replacement of more than one missing tooth simultaneously.

A crown is placed over a single tooth that has undergone a root canal to preserve and protect the tooth in the long term. Crowns contribute to restoring the tooth to its original state of health. While an individual may have multiple crowns, each crown covers only one specific tooth and not multiple adjacent teeth.

Why Should You Go For Dental Crown/Bridge?

A dental crown or bridge represents a common alternative to permanent dental implants. A dental bridge may be necessary if you are missing one or more teeth in a row but have healthy teeth on either side of the gap, which can provide support for the dental bridge.

A dental crown, often referred to as a “cap,” is applied to a tooth following a root canal. It serves to protect the tooth and is custom-made to fit your teeth precisely, lasting for decades and preventing the need for extraction.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

When Getting a Crown:

During crown placement, you will receive anesthesia to ensure a painless procedure. The dentist will remove the damaged pulp from the tooth, clean the cavity, and take dental impressions before attaching a temporary crown. In a follow-up appointment, the permanent crown, made to match the function and appearance of your natural teeth, is securely bonded to the tooth.

What To Expect When Getting a Bridge:

For dental bridge placement, local anesthesia is administered in the supervision of Modesto dentist and anesthetist to minimize discomfort. Any required root canals or extractions are performed, followed by the creation of impressions for the bridge.

While the permanent bridge is being crafted, a temporary bridge is provided. In a subsequent appointment, the dentist ensures a perfect fit for the permanent bridge.

How Do I Care For My Dental Bridge/Crown?

Proper care involves daily cleaning using a toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste. Flossing between the bridge teeth is crucial for removing any lodged food particles. Dental bridges/crowns should be cared for like natural teeth. When not in use, store removable dental bridges in the provided container to prevent damage. With proper care, dental bridges/crowns can last 10 to 15 years.


Dental crowns and bridges have empowered numerous patients to regain confidence in their smiles. Advancements in technology have resulted in bridges/crowns closely resembling natural teeth. As technology continues to progress, an increasing number of individuals enjoy the full restoration of their smiles. For more information, get in touch with Paragon Dental now!

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