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Simple Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy and Happy

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Simple Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy and Happy

Simple Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy and Happy

“Every child deserves a Happy and Healthy Smile!”

Good oral health is not limited to having clean teeth.  Your dental care includes the health of your gums, cheeks, teeth, lips, palate and jaws. Thus, taking care of oral health permits us to taste, chew, give confident smiles, and speak with no pain.

Good oral health is important for children. It is even more important as they grow. For a child’s nutrition having a healthy mouth is important as they learn to chew and swallow different types of food. Additionally, their lips, teeth and tongue play a crucial role as they learn to speak.

Despite being largely curable, tooth decay or injury to a tooth’s surface is a quite common childhood problem. Tooth decay can become painful and disrupt a child’s sleep, eating habits and growth.     For taking care of a child’s teeth, it is essential to follow the tips of a pediatric dentist.

At Paragon Dental, the best pediatric dentist in Modesto, we outline a course of action that parents should follow to make sure the most optimum oral health for their children. Some of the important measures are highlighted below:

  1. Dental health tips for the baby (0- 12 months)

Parents should clean and wipe their baby’s gum with a neat gauze pad or washcloth, even before baby teeth appear. This will not only keep your baby’s mouth clean but also help you to notice the appearance of their first teeth (that’s a joy in itself).

  • Brush teeth gently twice a day: Pediatric dentists recommend using a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste, until age 3. Fluoride prevents tooth decay and also helps to strengthen the baby’s teeth.
  • Time to schedule baby’s first dental visit: As per the dentist and paediatrician’s recommendation, the baby’s first dental visit take place sometime between the arrival of baby’s first tooth and first birthday. This primary visit is essential to develop a relationship with your baby’s pediatric dentist so that you can receive personalized advice.
  • Follow steps to avoid baby bottle tooth decay: When a baby’s teeth come in contact with sugary or sweet liquid for a long period of time, there is a possibility of baby bottle tooth decay. So, you should use bottles for breast milk, water or formula only and avoid other products. If your baby has a habit of bottle to fall asleep, it should have water only or you can give pacifiers but it should not be dipped in sugar syrup or honey.


  1. Dental Health Tips for Toddlers (1-2 years)

Baby’s temporary teeth are extremely important as they facilitate their way for permanent ones. Children who experienced tooth decay in their baby teeth might experience it in their permanent teeth too due to the presence of the bacteria.

Tips to protect cavities and tooth decay in your toddler’s teeth:

  • Restrict sugary drinks and foods: You should avoid giving juice or sugary drinks to your child. If you are giving juices it should be diluted with water. Serve them in a cup and with meals.
  • Remember to floss: Dental plaque can be removed by brushing, but it can’t clear plaque present in between the teeth. Around the ages of two to three years, start flossing or take assistance from your dentist.
  • Plan timely dental checkups: It is recommended to plan regular pediatric dentist visits to prevent cavities and other dental problems.


  1. Dental Health Tips for Young Children (3+ Years)

By a child’s third birthday, all of 20 baby teeth usually come. By teaching them good dental habits you can keep your child’s mouth and teeth healthy. Good dental habits will become a part of your child’s daily routine as they grow.

Tips to protect cavities and tooth decay in this age:

  • Teach your child proper brushing habits: You should brush your child teeth until you become confident that they can manage on their own. Even after that, your job is not over. You need to supervise them.
  • Say no to mouthwash (until they reach six years): Children under six years should not use mouthwash.
  • Teach them the importance of dental hygiene: Teach your child the importance of dental hygiene or take help from your child’s pediatric dentist.

If you are looking for “Pediatric Dentist Modesto” or “Best Pediatric Dentist”, Paragon dental is the right place for your child’s happy and healthy smile. Book your child’s dental appointment with us.

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