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How does a dentist remove a wisdom tooth?

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How does a dentist remove a wisdom tooth?


If you have a wisdom tooth, there is a probability that you will require wisdom tooth extraction at some point in your lifetime. We all become nervous when we hear about sedation, which is understandable. Let’s know how the procedure is performed.

The procedure of wisdom tooth removal 

Your dentist will remove the wisdom tooth in his dental office. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Selection and administration of sedation – The first step is that your dentist will look into a few sedation alternatives according to your comfort level and also the extraction to be done.
  • Numbing and imaging – After the sedation has been selected, the surgeon will numb the wisdom teeth and surrounding areas and tissues with the help of local anesthesia.
  • Tissue Removal – The dentist starts the surgery by removing any gum tissues located near the wisdom tooth.
  • Bone Removal – There are chances that the wisdom tooth can be partially or fully covered inside the bone. In such a case the bone surrounding the teeth is removed through the high-speed handpiece.
  • Loosening and sectioning of the tooth- Once the affected wisdom tooth is visible to the dentist, he uses various surgical instruments to gently loosen the wisdom tooth. Even the tooth can be cut into sections so that it is prevented from breaking.
  • Tooth removal – After the loosening or sectioning if the tooth, the dentist uses surgical instruments to remove the tooth completely.
  • Stitches and recovery- After the extraction, the dentist stitches to close up the area. After the completion of the process, the dentist will give some of the instructions to follow.

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