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Handling Dental Emergencies During Lockdown

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During Lockdown Handling Dental Emergencies

Handling Dental Emergencies During Lockdown

“Every Tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than A Diamond.”

Some of the questions you might start asking are if you have been undergoing a terrible toothache or your tooth is broken partially or completely.

Most likely this situation occurs when you’ve to put off your routine dental checkups and wait when there is no lockdown and everyone has been vaccinated. Even dental clinics are still following strictly secured precautions and also scheduling fewer appointments. But, in such a situation what if you have a dental emergency? And you just can’t hold it for later, because of the terrible level of pain and can be dangerous if avoided. There is no need to worry; you can get the emergency dental services that you require.

Primarily understand what an urgent dental emergency is and which one is not?

No one knows when such emergencies occur so it’s better to have a dentist that provides convenient hours of services as Paragon Dental does. For our patients we are open early till late; thus we are available to help you fast. It’s essential to save time one should know the difference between urgent and non-urgent dental emergencies.
Oral emergencies include accidentally affecting the gums, teeth and supporting tissues. Most accidents cause bleeding, pain and lacerations and require immediate treatment. Some of the common dental accidental cases are:

Knocked-out teeth: Because of an accident or fall teeth can get partially or completely dislodged from the socket. To prevent the teeth from dying it requires urgent attention.

Broken or fractured teeth: It can range from a minor chip on the enamel and to a complete fracture. Thus, fracture teeth require urgent cracked treatment.

Laceration: It can cause injury in the soft tissues of lips, cheeks and gums. Such injuries can cause inflections too with bleeding.

Abscessed teeth: It gives pain and also forms in between the teeth and gums. It doesn’t treat on time, and then the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues and can weaken the teeth.

Non-urgent dental emergencies where you can wait for few days are:
• Lost dental restorations like filling and bridges
• Minor toothache
• Small chips and cracks
• Food stuck in between the teeth

How Dental Emergencies Are Handled During the Lockdown

After having a clear understanding of a dental emergency, you need to see a dentist immediately. Even in some situations, it may be difficult to understand whether it’s urgent or not, you can contact your dentist and take an opinion from him. After asking about symptoms and conditions, he will tell you to visit the clinic or just prescribe some medications on call only.
In this pandemic, dentists are following some of the most ultra-careful safety protocols. Like, all the staff is regularly tested and always wear protective equipment like gloves and masks, further in the clinic they maintain social distancing and is disinfected between every visit. In a way the appointments are scheduled that only one patient will be present in the clinic.

By visiting the safest emergency dentist in Modesto, you can stop the pain without having to worry about catching the COVID-19.

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If you have gum bleeding, sensitivity, severe pain, abscess, knocked-out or cracked teeth and all you need emergency dental services, contact us immediately. At Paragon Dental we have different and expert treatments to assist in your teeth preservation and also prevent further dental complications. We have experienced emergency dentists to relieve your pain and also have convenient hours to serve you.
Even if you don’t have an emergency and looking for routine care then also you can call or contact us online for an appointment schedule.

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