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Different Types Of Tooth Whitening

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Different Types-of-Teeth-Whitening

Different Types Of Tooth Whitening

Charming and glamorous appearance is what most of us wish for and shining and bright teeth are one of the most critical aspects to it. With aging and consumption of colored foods, we are unable to keep the natural shine of the teeth. Thankfully we have tooth whitening treatment that helps us to restore the same shining and bright appearance of the natural teeth which was once before. Teeth whitening have different types which are mentioned below:

Whitening toothpaste

These use different techniques to brighten your teeth. These kinds of toothpaste contain hydrogen peroxide that lightens your teeth, but these may take several weeks and may not give you many useful results.

Over the counter whitening products

Over the counter whitening products contains whitening kits as well as whitening strips and trays. These are to be put on the teeth for a specific period which is more than the toothpaste. These kits have peroxide in them that cleans your stains and brighten your smile.

In-office teeth whitening

Teeth whitening have different options at the dentist’s office too. According to your needs, you will be suggested the treatment. For professional teeth whitening, you have to visit the dental office and get it cleaned by the dentist. This can be done in just one visit. They offer you the best results. Dentists can sometimes also provide you take away home whitening kits and instruct you how to use them.

Zoom whitening

This has gained much popularity nowadays due to its amazing and long-lasting results. They make use of 25% of peroxide content and lightens with the help of a unique lamp.

If you are in search of a dentist for tooth whitening in Modesto, visit us at Paragon Dental and get a twinkling, bright smile today. Contact us for further inquiries and booking your appointment.

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