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7 The Most Common Myths of a Root Canal

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7 The Most Common Myths of a Root Canal

7 The Most Common Myths of a Root Canal

“Myth and Facts are two parallel ways. Reflecting each other’s interpretation and living.”

As compared to any other type of dental procedure the routine root canal is a more feared one. The word “root canal” is sufficient to shiver up the grown adult. Many people who need to fix a serious cavity or alleviate severe toothache choose to avoid them altogether due to the fear.

Root canal therapy is a dental process that is full of dread, worry and misconception. This blog will dispel some of the most persistent root canal myths. Hope that the right information will not afraid you of dental surgery, which might save your life in the case of severe tooth infection. For root canal therapy in Modesto, you can book an appointment at Paragon Dental.

  • Root Canals are Painful

Usually, people think root canals are a very painful treatment but it’s not true. Before procedure sophisticated anesthetics are used to ensure that pain doesn’t happen. Actually, root canal treatment is designed to relieve pain not to increase it. If a serious cavity or an abscess developed then it will cause a lot of pain and may convert into a severe infection. This is often the most suitable way to treat and remove it.

  • The Tooth Pain Will Vanish Immediately

Its true root canals relieve dental pain. However, immediately after every treatment little swelling and sensitivity is natural. As the dentist had poked around in your mouth with needles and drills, it’s natural that your gums and teeth are bound to be a little sore and painful.  But don’t worry this pain is for a short duration. The maximum time is a few weeks after the treatment minor aches and sensitivities are gone.

  • Root Canals are Likely to Fail

Before fifty years, yes this was true. But now technology and procedure are highly advanced and the success rate of this procedure in terms of longevity has increased to 85%. Still, no one can guarantee you that you will not develop a problem later or filling replaced or crown need but the chances of happening such issues are highly low.

  • Teeth Remain Sensitive Afterwards

After the treatment, once the soreness and swelling get settled down then there should be no sensitivity or pain around the treated tooth. Even if the pain continues, it’s advisable to consult your dentist as early as possible. It may possible there are obscure issues that still need to be treated, that couldn’t identify by the dentist during the treatment. This something quite rare so doesn’t worry.

  • Root Canals Kill the Nerves inside Teeth

Quite true but a lot of misinformation is there in this myth. Its true root canal removes the nerves located inside the tooth which don’t have an important function to perform once all of the adult teeth have developed.  The reason why this procedure can’t be performed in young patients is that still, the nerves function of growing the adult teeth is not yet complete. After their function is complete they are only a ‘first alert’ defense mechanism as they react to stimulus and cause pain. If the root is damaged, the nerves are not really needed.

There is a majority of patients feel scared or tensed and continue to bear the pain. The best advice is always, talk about it to the dentist. If you are looking for the best dentist in Modesto, your search ends at Paragon Dental.

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