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5 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist for Tooth Extraction

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5 Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist for Tooth Extraction

The emergency dentist will do his best to save your tooth. Often the tooth, however, is too badly damaged to be saved.
Continue reading to learn the 5 most popular reasons why emergency tooth extraction might be recommended.


The third molars that erupt in your late teens and early twenties are wisdom teeth. Although certain individuals have the ability to hold their wisdom teeth, others actually have no space in their jaws. Wisdom teeth force other teeth out of their way or get trapped under the gums when this occurs.
If you are having wisdom tooth pain, contact our emergency dentist as early as possible. We may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth until your oral health is compromised, depending on your circumstances. X-rays, for instance, may show affected wisdom teeth trapped under the gum line.


The impact of chewing food is absorbed by your teeth a lot. When you bite down, if your teeth do not fit perfectly together, the chewing force could ultimately crack your lower molars. If you have just had a root canal or a large filling, you might also have a greater chance of a broken tooth. If the tooth has fractured below the line of the gum, we will have to extract it as soon as possible.


Untreated dental plaque and tartar build-up cause tooth decay. Our emergency dentist can save a tooth only if the structure of the tooth is healthier than the decayed structure. Once a cavity grows beyond what can be repaired by a filling, crown, or root canal, you will require emergency tooth extraction.


Although gingivitis (inflammation of gums) is reversible with regular brushing of teeth and good oral hygiene, once it advances into periodontitis, the same cannot be said. Around 47.2 per cent of Americans aged 30 and older have periodontitis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The gums and other structures protecting your teeth are attacked by periodontitis. Your teeth have less protection once your gums recede enough, and are more likely to fall out or need extraction. Periodontitis cannot be healed, but by scaling and root preparation, the dentist can delay its progression.


Your dentist can recommend tooth extraction to avoid crowding if you have more teeth than can fit in your jaw. For starters, for orthodontic purposes, several patients will have a tooth removed so that a straight smile can be obtained.
Before commencing orthodontics, most dentists and orthodontists tend not to have to remove a tooth. For some patients, however, it may be appropriate.

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