When to take your toddler to the dentist?

dentist for toddlers

When to take your toddler to the dentist?

New parents are often confused regarding the correct time to take their child to the dentist. Should they be waiting for all the teeth to come or some problems to occur? The answer is a big no. 

You should take your child to the dentist for the first visit at the age of one. Paediatricians and pediatric dentist are making recommendations that you should take your child to the dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts.in their mouth. The first visit of your child to the dentist is not for any real work. It introduces your child to the dental office, allows him to explore different instruments and also ride on the chair.

The first visit to the dentist of your child accomplishes three things. Firstly, it helps in familiarizing your child with the staff and dental office surrounding in a friendly way to build trust. Secondly, you and your child gets introduced with specific languages used in the office like “tooth counter”, “gauze” etc. to extract fear from your child. Thirdly, the dentist makes a quick evaluation, searching for the decay. He also evaluates your child’s gums, jaw, bites and any issues related to teeth. The dentist will also converse with you about maintaining proper oral hygiene. You can also make queries to the dentist regarding anything.

After the first visit, you must visit the dentist every six months unless a specific problem arises. Visiting the dentist regularly will make the child independence of knowing the dentist and staff on his own.

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